Bolivian President To Resign After Deadly Protests
AP from Newsday EFL
Embattled President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada will resign after weeks of deadly street riots triggered by a government plan to export natural gas, a close presidential ally said Friday. Sanchez de Lozada said he would issue a statement late Friday afternoon. His government coalition received a crippling blow earlier in the day as his last key supporter withdrew after weeks of nationwide street demonstrations. Jaime Paz Zamora, a former president himself, called the impending announcement by Sanchez de Lozada a "patriotic decision." Asked by reporters whether he meant a presidential resignation, Paz Zamora responded, "You are intelligent people. You know what it is."
"See? We don't need coups d'etat anymore..."
Bolivian radio station ERBOL said Sanchez de Lozada had abandoned the presidential residence where he has been working for several days, away from the presidential palace in the downtown area where massive protests have been taking place. Thousands of Bolivians marched through La Paz for a fifth straight day Friday, demanding the 73-year-old Sanchez de Lozada step down 14 months into his second term. Columns of students, Indians and miners brandishing sticks of dynamite threaded past street barricades, shouting, "We will not stop until he’s gone!"
Because we are morons.
Posted by: Super Hose 2003-10-17