Some Cubans Fear ’Avalanche’ of Tourism
While they would welcome the enormous influx of tourism dollars if the U.S. Senate lifts a travel ban, Cuban officials worry an "avalanche" of American vacationers would harm the very atmosphere that drew them in the first place.
I’m sure the gringos will remember to wear deoderant.
Not me, pal. I'm goin' natcheral!
At a conference that opened Friday between Cuban and U.S. tourism operators, both sides said limited hotel space could restrict any increase in American tourism, even if politics allows it.
I’m sure that’s some real quality accomodations to boot.
[Knock knock!]
"Hotel detective! You gotta hooker in that room?"
"Hey, Conchita! Here's one!"
"Pent-up demand is going to be huge" after decades of restrictions on U.S. visits, said Robert Whitley, president of the United States Tour Operators Association, which represents companies moving 10 million tourists a year.
I’m glad the embargo is still in place. There are too many gringos sneaking into Cuba as it is. All those non-Spanish speaking Americans living in slums and sending all the pesos that they make home to America. Eventually, its going to wreck the worker’s paradise.
Most estimates say at least 1 million Americans — and perhaps many more — could try to visit Cuba in the first year after a travel opening. Miguel Figueras, adviser to Cuba’s Tourism Ministry, said that figure could reach 2.5 million to 3 million in five years.
When I get the urge to stick my head in before I flush the toilet, is when I will consider a trip to that cesspool.
Posted by: Super Hose 2003-10-17