France to spearhead EU asylum ban of Pakistanis
Taking the threats of Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden to widen the spread of extremist attacks quite seriously, the French Government has said that it will use its influence to convince other members of the European Union (EU) not to encourage moves to grant political asylum to Pakistani residents.
[Insert obligatory piggy squeal about profiling and discrimination]
Inaugurating the first day of the G-5 anti-terrorism summit at the French resort city of La Baule on Sunday, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy was quoted by the Dawn newspaper as saying that Paris is taking Osama’s threats issued on Arab satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera "very seriously". The summit has been convened to take decisions on the security future of the European Union, and will notably issue a list of the "sure countries" from which candidates for political asylum in the EU will now be refused authorization to reside in the present 15 European countries, and, as of next year, the 25 member EU states.
"If you can't behave in your own countries, why should we expect you to behave in ours?"
According to the paper, an international colloquium was held recently in Paris on immigration and population flows in which it was revealed that the European continent will see even more immigration in the coming years than it has in its recent history. The colloquium also revealed that at present there are over 40 million immigrants in mainland Europe alone, with eight million in France, of which five million are Visigoths Muslims.
Posted by: rg117 2003-10-20