Muslim Leaders Defend Mahathir
Muslim leaders closed ranks around Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad yesterday after his attack on Jews caused a firestorm of protest and overshadowed their bid for unity on Iraq at a summit meeting here.
My thesis ’Islam itself is the problem and Secularism is the solution’ looks better and better.
Western nations condemned the speech as outrageous and offensive. But Muslim officials gathered for the OIC meeting said Mahathir’s comments had been taken out of context and were aimed at rallying the Muslim world.
’Mahthir’s comments were taken out of context.’ Well then, could you kindly explain what the proper context is?
Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Al-Qurbi said he supported Mahathir “100 percent”.
Yemen, the same country that claims it cannot control its tribal areas, (Pakistan, take note!) When a government claims it cannot control its sovereign territory, they are in fact renouncing sovereignty over said territory.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said he did not think much attention should be paid to the “clamor and accusations” from Western countries. “Those who are commenting on the speech have not read it in its entirety,” Maher said. “Nobody felt it was inflammatory. We thought it was a very, very wise assessment. It was addressed to the Muslims, it was an appeal for them to wake up.”
Egypt, a country that receives over two billion dollars annually in US Aid. We still have this nasty habit of feeding our enemies.
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai said Mahathir was just “talking about issues confronting the Muslim world and what Muslims should do. Muslims must educate themselves, must begin to be progressive to develop themselves.
Karzai boy shows his true colors. We cannot even keep our pet president quiet.
Posted by: Sorge 2003-10-20