Israel to speed up barrier work
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Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has promised to speed up building the controversial security barrier separating Israel from Palestinian areas in the West Bank. Opening the winter session of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, Mr Sharon said the fence, including the areas around Jerusalem, would be finished in a year.
Just in time for the Paleo civil war...
Fighting to make himself heard above the heckling of the MPs, Mr Sharon spoke of a breakthrough in the peace efforts in the coming months, without specifying.
Arafat’s death would qualify ...hmmmm
But at the same time, Israeli forces would continue to confront Palestinian "terrorism", the prime minister said hours after a series of Israeli air strikes on Gaza City left at least three Palestinians dead and 24 others wounded. The Palestinian Authority condemned the latest attacks.
What're they going to say? "We welcome these attacks on our terror infrastructure?"
"These Israeli acts do not help ceasefire talks, they discourage them," Mr Qurei told reporters. "We want the Israeli Government to sit down with us and negotiate a ceasefire."
"Um.......how about no?"

Been there, done that, got the casualty count to prove it...

Posted by: Frank G 2003-10-20