Limburg suspects to stand trial soon
The Yemeni interior minister, Dr. Rashad al-Alemi said that French supertanker Limburg file was over and suspects were to stand trial soon. “The case of the USS Cole Destroyer has been encompassed with obscurities and that the first problem faced Yemeni security is that some of those suspects have been held in custody in other countries. So Yemen has demanded their handing over in order to finish their trial according to the Yemeni law and constitution,” the interior minister said. “The delay of the trial can be attributed to the US demands in order to track down other elements who have been still on the run. Other problems have emerged including the jailbreak of suspects in Aden and this has made the situation more complicated and resulted in delay of the trial,” Dr. al-Alemi remarked.
Having them break jail does tend to complicate their trials...
The Yemeni interior minister further placed an emphasis that the completion of USS Cole file has been still underway in order to refer the case to trial soon. “There are other cases where perpetrators are to be tried for such as suspects accused of shooting at a helicopter belonging to the Hunt Oil Company, al-Qadesia explosion in Sana’a and other terror thwarted operations in Taiz to blast water and electricity installations.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-20