Allawi suggests callup of the army
Iraq's interim leader called for an immediate mobilization of the country's old army to help the Americans as ambush teams struck U.S. targets around Baghdad, killing two American soldiers. The United States would "speed the process of relieving the burden on its troops" by recalling the disbanded Iraqi military, said Iyad Allawi, current president of the Iraqi Governing Council.
I've heard worse ideas. Not many, but some...
Attackers killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded a third in a clash outside the northern city of Kirkuk late Saturday. Others blasted a broken-down convoy in the western flashpoint city of Fallujah, setting off spectacular explosions from an ammunition
truck. The deaths in Kirkuk brought to 103 the number of Americans killed by hostile fire since U.S. President George W.Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1. A total 338 Americans have died since the March 20 invasion
of Iraq, 217 of them in combat.
There could actually be something to be said for this idea, goofy as it sounds at first hearing. The "People's Army" and "Quds Army" would be useless, as would the Republican Guard units, for different reasons. But Iraq's conventional forces, with a thorough overhaul of the officers' corps... Hmmm...

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-20