Al-Qaeda Fighters On Attacks Against Americans
From MEMRI. Part of the vid was on Fox News this evening...
A few weeks ago, Al-Qaeda's website declared it would publish the wills of the May 12, 2003 suicide bombers in Riyadh. A couple of days ago it released a new videotape which includes an audio recording of the actual attack as was apparently transmitted through a cell phone, excerpts from past speeches by Osama bin Laden, songs of incitement, a speech by Sheikh Abu Omar Muhammad Al-Seif, and the wills of the attackers, reportedly recorded on April 29, 2003, less than two weeks before the attacks. The following are excerpts from statements by Hazem Al-Kashmiri and Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Maqit which were recorded in English. To view these English excerpts, go to: http://www.memri.org/video/alqaida. You will need Real Player to view the video.

The film was produced by the Sahhab Institute, which has produced past Al-Qaeda films, including wills of two September 11 hijackers. Two of the attackers who read their wills in the current film (Hazem Al-Kashmiri, also known as "Abu Umar Al-Taifi" and Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Maqit), address an English message to "the American soldiers" and to "the West." Al-Kashmiri introduces himself as the son of a retired high-ranking officer in the Saudi domestic intelligence apparatus, General Muhammad Said Abdallah Al-Kashmiri.

Another member of the cell, Ashraf Al-Said, calls on Saudi pilots to attack American aircraft carriers or American "settlements" in the Arabian peninsula and urges members of the Saudi military "to kill Americans."
Hazem Al-Kashmiri: For the American soldiers, we say you have to know that your government has become a big evil killing innocent people, destroying homes, stealing our money and holding our sons in jail. We promise that we will not let you live safely and you will not see from us anything else — just bombs, fire, destroying homes, cutting your heads. Our Mujahideen is coming to you very soon to let you see what you didn't see before."

Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Maqit: I invite you to accept Islam ... and you will be my brother in Islam. And it doesn't matter what your nationality or your color is until you accept Islam — if any enemy attacked you, I will do what I can even if it cost my life to save you. We want from all Christians and Jews to go out from our Islamic countries and release our brothers from jails and stop killing Muslims or we will kill you as you are killing Muslims. We will continue in your fighting until we get what we want. The real Muslims they mean what they say. Very soon all the world will see what we will do. You will not enjoy in your life forever Allah Akbar and glory to Allah.
Nothing here that's new or original. It's more of the same ignorance and brutality, self-pity and shifted responsibility that we see here day in and day out. Eventually we run out of things to say about it, even in derision. Eventually we'll have had enough of "bombs, fire, destroying homes, cutting your heads." They'll be unlucky enough to succeed in carrying out a major attack in the U.S., maybe even another after that, and we'll feel very sorry afterwards for what we'll do to them. There's no dialogue possible, but making a desolation and calling it peace is not an easy step for a civilized people to take. If they're really lucky, we'll succeed with the combination of diplomacy and military action we've undertaken and dispose of them slowly enough that most will be able to slink back into civil life and pretend it never happened.

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-20