Taliban will rise again, says cleric
The Taliban will once again rule Kabul and Kandahar and God will help them defeat the United States, said Maulana Abdullah Shah Mazhar, nazim of Jamaatul Furqan, a break away faction of the Tehrik Khuddamul Islam.
It's not a banned jihadi group, y'see, 'cuz it doesn't have the same name it did when it was banned, and besides these guys are a breakaway, so even if the rest of it was banned, it still wouldn't apply to them...
“The Taliban are re-emerging and turning Afghanistan into a graveyard for American troops,” Mr Mazhar said in a speech at a Township mosque on Monday night. He said no force in the world could stop jihad because it was a command from God and obligatory for every Muslim. “Israel, America and Britain make up the axis of evil and it is their wish to suppress the Ummah. They will never be successful because the Ummah has jihad, which cannot be defeated,” said Mr Mazhar, who spent a hectic Sunday and Monday in Lahore, giving seven speeches in mosques, including Jamia Masjid Shuddha on The Mall, to drum up support and money for the Mujahideen.
Passing the turban, so to speak...
He demanded that the government release leaders of the Jamaatul Furqan who are in prison, such as Commander Abdul Jabbar. “They are not terrorists or criminals, they are just Mujahideen who would never think of going against the national interest,” he said.
"They ain't terrorists or criminals. They just like to kill people."

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-11-05