Ahhhhhhhhh.... nothing like good intelligence
US forces said Wednesday they have discovered an important arms cache during a raid on hideouts suspected of serving as a base to attack coalition forces north of Baghdad. "Task Force Ironhorse soldiers conducted a raid at a location near al-Hadid, believed to be a safe house for people suspected of involvement in mortar attacks against forward operating base Warhorse," said a coalition statement. "The residence was searched and an important weapons cache was located and confiscated." The statement said "the cache included: 33 blocks of dangerous explosives, 98 feet of detonation cord, 20 blasting caps, and abundant volatile munitions used in improvised explosive devices."

"The soldiers also discovered "two rifles, eight fragmentation grenades, a machinegun, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, 300 rounds of 7.62 millimeter ammunition, three rounds of 14.5 millimeter anti-aircraft ammunition, five AK-47 ammunition magazines, and one ammunition drum for a machinegun."
Posted by: rawsnacks 2003-11-05