Nazi beauzeau loses election
BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - White supremacist Butler ro’Butler Richard Butler, 85, lost what may be his last political stand on Tuesday in an effort to become mayor of the small Idaho town of Hayden.
I can see why the people might not want him.
The former head of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, Butler never contested that Hayden, population 9,000, is a well-administered city. Yet he hoped the campaign would further his political views, which include launching a race war, separation of races, anti-immigration and anti-Semitism.
He probably didn’t SEE enough of the people.
"I’m not really anxious to become mayor," he said recently. "I’m just anxious to get my word out."
A word of horror and evil
With more than 80 percent of the votes counted, he had won just 38 votes, or two percent of the total. Incumbent Ron McIntire led by more than 90 percent of the vote.
Gee, I wonder WHY.
Butler handed over the leadership of the Aryan Nations in 2001, a year after he sold his 20-acre (8-hectare) compound to pay a $6.3 million court verdict in favor of a woman and her son attacked by Aryan Nations guards. He now lives in the town of Hayden with his supporters, who have dwindled to a handful.
Ha ha.
White supremacists have not had much luck running for office in northern Idaho. Several years ago, Butler supporter Bertollini ro’Bertollini Vincent Bertollini ran for mayor of the nearby resort town of Sandpoint and got just 30 votes.
Gee, I wonder WHY.
Far-right candidates have also had little success nationally. Former Ku Klux Klansman Duke ro’Duke David Duke may he freeze was elected to the Louisiana legislature in 1989, but he lost bids for governor, U.S. Senate and president.
Not everyone emulates Nazis, easily recognised.
Far-right groups such as the British National Party and the National Front in France have had more success in Europe.
Because Jew-hatred is more common there.
Posted by: Atrus 2003-11-05