Norway: Viking Age temperatures same as now
Researchers have evidence that arctic Svalbard has not been as warm as it is now since the balmy days of the Viking age. Ten-year-old ice core samples from Lomonosovfonna, and snow samples from 2000 and 2001 show record high temperatures, the Norwegian Polar Institute said in a press release.

"By comparing the composition in the ice core with snow on the glacier we have found comparably warm summers have not occurred since the 1200s, the end of the Viking era," said glaciologist Elisabeth Isaksson.

A range of European scientists have take part in the project, analyzing the cylinder of ice brought up using a special drill. The tests also reveal a slightly warmer period around 1750. Except for this the ice cylinder is dominated by the cold period known as the Little Ice Age.
Posted by: mrp 2007-12-13