No references to the Truth, sez Red Cross.
Red Cross stores in Britain have been told not to display any "overtly religious" items in their stores during the Christmas season because the organization needs to appear neutral, reports the Evening Star. Workers at a store in Ipswich told the paper that they may sell Christmas cards and other holiday goods but none may contain traditional Christian images such as the Virgin Mary, the nativity scene or the city of Bethlehem. In leaflets made available at one store, the Red Cross says its "neutrality is as important on the U.K. high street as it is in a conflict zone. This is why, during Christmas and any other religious festivals, our volunteers are welcome to display and sell seasonal decorations and goods, including Christmas trees and cards, but not anything overtly religious."
"Does the name of Jesus appear?"
"Yes, why?"
"Hit the road, loser." *boot*

I try to maintain my lack of neutrality by giving money to the Salvation Army, rather than to the Red Cross.
An effort by Billy Graham’s Christian organization to collect Christmas goodies for children in war zones was described as racist and right wing by an English cleric, reports the Tameside Advertiser.
The Rev. Vernon Marshall, a Unitarian minister in England, said the effort has a hidden agenda. He said "poisonous literature" is inserted into the shoeboxes. "Leaflets are put in thrusting an intolerant and racist form of Christianity into the lives of poor Muslims who have been bombed out of their homes by the same people who then try to befriend them," Marshall said.
Then his lips fell off, his nose grew, his legs shrank, he broke a harp string, and he turned into a pillar of salt.
Organizers of the drive said their Christian partners in some countries do offer a small booklet with each shoebox, but the youngsters are under no obligation to take it.
I've done many things in my life that I'm ashamed of. There are people I've loved that I've hurt by being selfish, there have been lapses of courage that I still don't like to think about. Part of the reason I'm agnostic probably has to do with being afraid of the thought of actually having to explain myself to the Lord. But I still haven't managed to develop the sense of self-loathing that seems to go with being a Unitarian cleric. Maybe it's something they teach in seminary.

Posted by: Atrus 2003-11-17