Indonesian police to free two suspected extremists
Indonesian police say they will free two of the six Indonesian students deported last week from Pakistan where they had been detained as suspected extremists.
"They've suffered enough..."
Pakistani officials had deemed the six students part of a sleeper cell of Jemaah Islamiah operatives when they were arrested in September. Today Indonesian police say they have insufficient evidence to hold two of the students, named in local press reports as David and Anwar. Hambali's brother Rusman or Gun Gun Gunawan, suspected of channelling large sums of money to Hambali over the past year, remains under arrest. Police have until early Friday to charge or release him and the other three students still in detention. Using internal security laws, Malaysian authorities have detained a number of students indefinitely after they too were deported from Pakistan, describing the students as the next generation of Jemaah Islamiyah leaders.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-12-17