Jamming device ’saved’ Musharraf
Edited for topic:
The car carrying Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf may have escaped a roadside bomb blast thanks to a radio jamming device. Five bombs exploded under a bridge in the city of Rawalpindi on Sunday, mere seconds after President Musharraf had passed over it.
I thought it was 10 minutes after he'd passed over it?
The jamming device may have blocked the signal to the remote-controlled bomb. His security was stepped up in a big way following last year’s failed attempt on his life in Karachi, for which three members of a banned Islamic militant group have been convicted.
Haven't read anything about any of them being hung. Have you?
Most of the time two or more identical black Mercedes are part of his motorcade, and it is nearly impossible to make out in which car he is travelling. There has always been a ban on carrying mobile telephones at his functions. But lately, security officials have been using a radio-jamming device to block all kinds of wireless communications within a radius of about a couple of hundred metres. Reports say a vehicle with the jamming device is also part of President Musharraf’s motorcade. There is a strong possibility that it may have blocked the use of a remote-controlled device to detonate the explosives while his car was on the bridge on Sunday. However, officials are reluctant to comment publicly on the matter.
Somebody has been paying attention, using cell phones to detonate bombs is the current rage with the al-Qaeda/JI crowd. If true, it’s a smart move by his security personnel. Oh, and there’s a good picture of the bridge at the link.
Posted by: Steve 2003-12-17