Armed robbers threaten police
From the "This shit don’t happen in Texas" file:
TWO female police officers were threatened with a shotgun as they chased three balaclava-wearing armed robbers through Sydney’s streets today. The incident began when the men confronted two security guards about 10.45am as they collected money from automatic teller machines in the Broadway shopping centre. They stole the guards’ Smith and Wesson pistols and thousands of dollars in cash before fleeing in a stolen dark green Holden Statesman. Police were called to the scene by a witness and chased the thieves, but the officers were forced to back off when one of the men repeatedly lent out of the car window and pointed a single-barrel shotgun at them. After a pursuit along Glebe Point and Parramatta roads, the men abandoned the car in Chippendale and fled on foot towards Redfern. Redfern local area commander Superintendent Dennis Smith said a search of the immediate area failed to the locate the men but about 45 officers were still searching for them.
Now here’s the weird part:
He said the two female constables who had been threatened would undergo a psychological debriefing. "They are fine," he said. "They are now seeking medical assistance, we will have them debriefed and they will be back here this afternoon hopefully ready to go again tomorrow."
WTF??? They didn’t shoot anyone, they didn’t get shot, they weren’t even shot at. They just had a gun pointed at them and they have a nervous breakdown? Do that to a female cop here and they’ll have to x-ray your body to find all the slugs. Has the anti-gun programming gone so far there that just the sight of a gun causes grown women to swoon?
Posted by: Steve 2003-12-17