MMA govt to put education system into Islamic ideology
The NWFP Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani has said that the present elected government in the light of mandate given by the people has started a process of change. To put the education system into the Islamic ideology, a commission comprising of professors, teachers and representatives of all walks of life have been formed, he added.
Yup. That's what they need: more Islamic ideology. Maybe they can hire all those teachers from Soddy Arabia and Kuwait who won't be needed anymore...
Mr. Durrani said that the MMA government respects the teachers’ community as they are playing a pivotal role for the bright future of the country. He said that they have prioritized education sector and your suggestions will be given due weight in this regard. The chief minister said that during the meeting of all chief ministers in Lahore; it was agreed upon that there would be a regular exchange of teachers and students of universities of provinces, adding these exchanges would not only provide the opportunities to get benefited from each other experiences but would also increase unity and understanding among the students. Regarding university model ordinance and the complaints of the professors and teachers of various institutions, the chief minister said that he would try to facilitate a meeting with Prime Minister to look to their genuine complaints. He said that better the inputs of the stakeholders should have been taken before shaping the university model ordinance because without taking the stakeholders on board the whole exercise would be a futile one. Referring to the achievements of the MMA government in the education sector, the chief minister said that Urdu has been declared as official language and option of Urdu has been given in the competitive examinations for rooting out the monopoly of certain groups. He further said that the educated lots of government schools are talented but they are deprived from the high posts due to English. He said that the MMA government not only started post-graduates classes in the Girls colleges but also approved a separate university for women medical college as well to provide opportunity for women to improve their skills.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2004-01-03