Minister for guidance from Quran to combat ever new challenges
The NWFP Senior Minister Sirajul Haq has called upon the people to take guidance from Quran to combat ever new challenges of the day.
"You don't need tech manuals. You don't need anything but the Koran..."
In his Juma Khutba at Mosque of Civil Secretariat Peshawar on Friday, he said Islam always laid foundations for exemplary welfare society based on peace and social justice wherein all citizens including minorities were given guarantee of lives, properties and honour.
And we can see how well that works in Pakland...
He regretted that new world order of super powers instead marred peace all over the world and unleashed era of human insecurity, bloodshed and deprivations.
"It's those superpowers' fault, not the Bugtis..."
Sirajul Haq deplored that invading other countries on mere excuses of pre-emptive measures and violating human rights on gross roots level were worst forms of barbarism wherein imperial forces could neither achieve its goals of human progress and prosperity nor atmosphere of durable peace, tranquility and cohesion could be maintained in any part of the world as such. He also regretted that west was trying to link acts of terrorism and sabotage with Islam and Muslims while campaign of negative propaganda has also been started through international media but facts were vice versa as he maintained, such incidents were the product of same wrong and negative policies based on self interest and prejudices.
"Islam? Involved in terrorism and sabotage? Pshaw! It's all calumny, lies put out by our enemies. We got millions of enemies..."
He also emphasized the Ummah especially the Muslim rulers not to impress of such negative propaganda and keep the world community abreast with real facts by propagating the golden and human friendly teachings and tenets of Islam through its media to create a congenial atmosphere as such. He expressed the confidence that progress and prosperity of Muslims as well as renaissance of Islam could be ensured if we performed our responsibilities as true followers in individual and collective capacities. This would also pave way for cherishing the dream of constituting a global society that guaranteed security of lives, properties and honour of all and sundry without any thinking of discrimination, he concluded.
Yeah, buddy. When the caliphate comes, everything's gonna be attar of roses...

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2004-01-03