30 Wounded in Attacks by March 8 on Masses Marking the Hariri Killing
At least 30 people were wounded in attacks by March 8 partisans against unarmed civilians who took part in a mass rally in Beirut's Martyrs Square marking the fourth anniversary of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination on Saturday. The victims were evacuated to the Makassed Islamic Hospital in Beirut's Tarik Jedideh district and the Sacred Heart Hospital in Hazmiyeh.
Usual thuggery by the Hezbies ...
That's why they're called Hezbullies.
Army troops intervened to protect hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians who took part in the rally marking the Hariri crime anniversary. The attackers used sticks, rocks, daggers and fire arms in their assaults. It could not be determined if any arrests were made after the serial attacks.
Posted by: Steve White 2009-02-15