Today's Pakaboom: Police station attacked in Islamabad
A suicide bomb blast has rocked a police station in Islamabad and marred celebrations for the 69th anniversary of Pakistan's Republic Day.
That'd mar most celebrations, I'd say.
A Press TV correspondent on the ground in Pakistan has learned that the late Monday blast killed one policeman and two civilians. Reports put those injured up to three.
That's it? That's the best he could do? Mahmoud turns himself into guts on a windshield and there's not even a funeral procession in range? Wotta putz.
The bomber blew himself up at the entrance of a special police branch office used by police intelligence and bomb disposal units close to the Sitara market in the center of Islamabad.
Right. The Pakaboomer hit a bomb disposal unit. How apt.
No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.
Duh... Lemme guess... Oh, who could it possibly be?
Posted by: Fred 2009-03-24