Protests Forces Michelle to Miss Photo Op
Well, really tho, she and Carla had to cancel an appearance at a cancer center.
Thousands of Molotov cocktail-wielding, anti-war protesters clashed with police and set fires along the Franco-German border yesterday, as President Obama gathered with European leaders to celebrate NATO's 60th anniversary.

The wild protests -- in which black-masked anarchists set fire to a hotel in Strasbourg, France, and a border post along a bridge connecting the two countries -- forced First Lady Michelle Obama to cancel a visit to a cancer center.

The strife came as NATO leaders pledged at the alliance's anniversary summit to send a measly 5,000 soldiers to Afghanistan stopping well-short of the 21,000 extra troops the United States is planning to send to the war-torn nation. Protesters battled police on the French side of a bridge linking the two countries just hours after Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a symbolic gathering at the middle of another bridge nearby.

"NATO doesn't stand for peace. NATO stands for war like in Afghanistan, where they're regularly killing civilians," Tobias Pflieger, a European Parliament member from Germany's Left Party, yelled to a crowd of protesters.

"No to NATO! No to war!" the protesters chanted.

No injuries were reported.

Thousands more protesters staged anti-US and anti-NATO rallies in Turkey, where Obama was scheduled to arrive this evening in his first visit to a Muslim country as president.

"Obama, don't come! We don't want you!" protesters shouted in the capital of Ankara.
Posted by: Sherry 2009-04-05