India ups vigil on China border: 40,000 extra troops and an artillery brigade to LAC
It now seems clear that India is slowly but surely being surrounded by China with the growing influence that the Chinese have in each of India's neighbours -- Pakistan, Nepal, Burma and now even Sri Lanka.

Clearly concerned about being encircled NDTV has exclusive information that India is to send another 40,000 troops to the India-China border.

After downplaying the China threat for years, the government is now decided to raise additional fighting formations to meet any eventuality and to improve the infrastructure in the areas bordering China.

India increases troops:

* Two new divisions (40,000 troops)
* Artillery brigade, 9 airstrips
* Military's assessment: China is India's greatest threat
* India wants to match China's forces
* Cost: Rs 5,000 crores

India is increasing the number of troops on the border with China in Arunachal Pradesh. NDTV has learnt that two mountain divisions, that is, 40,000 troops will be recruited over the next two years.

It's a huge step that New Delhi has taken and reflects the military's view that China is India's greatest threat.

Deploying more troops is being seen as an assertion by India that Arunachal Pradesh is not a part of China as Beijing claims.

So, why has this been done?

India wants to match China's forces. Sources say there's an urgency to match China's massive military presence across the border estimated at 3 lakh troops. After this, in Arunachal alone India will have about 1 lakh soldiers. This plan implementation will cost the government Rs 5,000 crore.
Posted by: john frum 2009-05-26