S. Korean, U.S. militaries raise watch on N. Korea on new tensions
[Kyodo: Korea] The South Korean and the U.S. militaries elevated the watch on North Korea on Thursday from the third level to the second on renewed tensions created by the NorthŽs second nuclear test conducted Monday, a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said. ŽŽToday, as of 7:15 a.m., the Combined Forces Command of the (South) Korea and the United States elevated the WatchCon, a watch condition on intelligence on the North, to the level 2 from the level 3,ŽŽ Won Tae Jae told a press briefing.
Only question is, do the Norks have the nerve to pull the trigger? The Chinese aren't going to come swarming across the Yalu river this time, and the Russers aren't going to be shipping arms and ammunition in by the ton. 50 years of Nork mythology has forgotten those little facts.

Posted by: Fred 2009-05-29