Pakistan: Suspects arrested for Žplotting attack against spy agencyŽ
[ADN Kronos] By Syed Saleem Shahzad - Pakistani police claim to have arrested a group planning to carry out an attack against the headquarters of the country's military intelligence agency or ISI in the capital, Islamabad.
The day after isn't as good as the day before, but it's better than never.
A former MP was also detained for allegedly helping the militants. Former MP Shah Abdul Aziz was among three people who were arrested on Wednesday in Islamabad over the alleged plot.
He'll be sprung for lack of evidence.
The arrests came the same day that militants carried out a deadly gun and bomb attack against a building used by police and ISI in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. The Pakistani Taliban told the British broadcaster, the BBC, on Thursday they carried out the Lahore attack - which killed at least 24 people and injured over 200 - in retaliation for the ongoing military operation in the restive northwestern Swat Valley area.
They really aren't very good at military operations against even minimally trained soldiers.
Later on Thursday twin bomb attacks struck the capital of the North West Frontier Province, Peshawar.
They're pretty good at blowing things up, though.
The two other people arrested in connection with the alleged terror plot against ISI's Islamabad headquarters were named as Asif and Junaid (an alias).
The Pak equivalent to "Herb" and "Walter (an alias)."
Both are wanted by Pakistani security forces and come from North West Frontier Province's Malakand division, which includes Swat. They were both found at the residence of radical cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz.
Nothing at all is going to happen to the Maulana. If he happens to fall down dead from heart failure feel free to say "Whoa! They really are serious about stamping that crap out!" But he won't, so you won't have to say it.
The prayer leader at Islamabad's Red Mosque, Abdul Aziz was linked to the 2007 Red Mosque siege in which over 170 died, sparking a bloody two-year militant insurgency in Swat. The two suspects portrayed themselves to Abdul Aziz as collecting donations for Swat victims.
Stop laughing like that. You'll hurt yourself.
Meanwhile, security agencies received intelligence about the suspects and moved to arrest them.
"Calling all cars! Be only the lookout for Herb and Walter (an alias)! Last seen in the vicinity of Maulana Abdul Aziz' house! That is all!"
They allegedly called Shah Abdul Aziz, who tried to help them escape in his car, but all three were picked up by ISI officials.
"What are you idiots doing here? You're supposed to be back at the hideout! Get in the car! Get in, dammit!"
Abdul Aziz is a former member of parliament for the alliance of religious parties and a was a Taliban commander in Afghanistan in the 1990s.
No! Reeeeeeally? Do tell?
Two other people suspected of plotting terrorist reprisal attacks for the military operation against militants in Swat were arrested in Karachi. Both are students of Jamia Faridia, an Islamic seminary affiliated with Islamabad's Red Mosque.
It's being rehabbed with public funds. No U.S. aid money's being used, of course. They're using non-fungible currency.
Pakistani human rights activist Khalid Khawaja, a friend of Abdul Aziz
The Shah or the Maulana? Or both? Khalid's a friendly guy, for an ex-ISI agent. He's also a friend of Hamid Gul and Osama bin Laden. Last December he was going to be declared a terrorist for his involvement with the Mumbai attacks.
and fellow member of the Defence for Human Rights organisation said Abdul Aziz was not involved with any criminal suspects.
"No, no! Certainly not!"

Posted by: Fred 2009-05-29