30 Russian students arrested in Egypt: Moscow
[Al Arabiya Latest] Russia's foreign ministry said Friday it has demanded an explanation from Egyptian authorities on why it arrested more than 30 Russian students alongside nationals from five other countries this week.

A ministry statement said citizens from Britain, Denmark, France, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were also taken in for questioning.
Were any of them named Nigel or Pierre?
Members of Egypt's special services broke into the students' dormitories at Cairo's al-Azhar University on Wednesday and took them to an undisclosed location. "No charges were brought against them," the statement said.
So why were they arrested -- oh forgot, Egypt is a dictatorship. The Russians should understand that ...
Russia's embassy in Cairo "sent a note to Egypt's foreign ministry to ask the reason for the arrests," the statement said.
Another sign of these degenerate times. Back in the day, a call to the president's office would have sufficed to get the Russians released and the arresting officers shot.
Interfax news agency quoted a spokesman for the Russian embassy, Timur Agametov, as saying that the students come from Russia's north Caucasus region.
Not named Ivan, either.
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the arrests, saying the students' rights had been flouted, according to Ria Novosti agency.
Chechens? Perhaps the Russians aren't quite so concerned about getting them released, then.

Posted by: Fred 2009-05-30