RoP Kills More Muslims
We get condemned for killing Muslims - but the kind of Muslims we are killing are just the evil and crazy ones who are doing this kind of thing.
A Taliban suicide bomber killed more than 40 Pakistanis during an attack at a mosque in the district of Dir in the insurgency-infested Northwest Frontier Province.

The suicide bomber entered the mosque compound in the remote village of Hayagai Sharqai and attempted to detonate his explosive vest in the middle of a crowd of worshipers attending Friday prayers. The small mosque was leveled in the attack, and Pakistani officials believe the death toll will rise.

"We fear the death toll may rise to 45 because people are still trapped under the debris. Rescue work is under way and there are body parts scattered in the courtyard of the mosque," Atifur Rehman, the senior government officer in Upper Dir told AFP. More than 70 people were wounded in the bombing.
Posted by: Glenmore 2009-06-05