Your Rights Online: Man Attacked In Ohio For Providing Iran Proxies
This is a slashdot story they picked up from The Daily KOS. As to whether it's true, your guess is as good as mine.
David Hume writes:

"electronicmaji is reporting on the Daily Kos that the individual known as ProtesterHelp (also to be found on twitter) was attacked in Ohio for providing network security for Twitterers in Iran, setting up private networks to provide secure proxies, calling for media networks to remove the Iranians Twitterers information from their broadcast, and providing counter-intelligence services (including Basiji and Army Locations) within the Twitter community. ProtesterHelp was allegedly attacked by a group of men while walking to class in Ohio. The men, who appeared to ProtesterHelp to be either Iranian or Lebanese, drove up besides him and threw rocks at him while shouting, 'Mousavi Fraud.' ProtesterHelp further reported that his personal information has been leaked, and is currently being spread both online and inside of Iran amongst the government."
Follow the link to go to the slashdot thread; the original item has links to all the original articles on daily kos and twitter etc. I'm typing this on a netbook which isn't very conducive to posting.
Posted by: Javising Floth2627 2009-06-20