Attorney found asleep in trash can
Jeffersonville attorney Larry Wilder was found asleep by police in his neighbor's overturned city garbage can Wednesday morning, after neighbors called police when they woke to find their trash strewn on the ground and a man inside the receptacle.
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No arrest was made as a result of the incident. "There was no crime committed," Deeringer said.

Although police records describe Wilder as "10-47" -- police code for intoxicated -- upon officers' arrival, no breath alcohol or sobriety test was administered. It's an officer's discretion on what actions to take in such situations, the chief said. Typically, if someone is that close to their home, they would just be escorted to their residence.
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Police records show that officers arrived on the scene just before 7 a.m. Wednesday. A neighbor, Roberta Embry, said her husband found Wilder inside the can when walking out of the house that morning.
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Posted by: Mike 2009-06-20