Security forces kill 7 Taliban
Security forces killed seven more Taliban in clashes in parts of Dir and Swat on Wednesday, while six soldiers including two officers were also killed. Six Taliban were killed in a search operation at Kota in Dir, and another seven were arrested, the ISPR said.

The forces carried out a search and sweep operation at Charbagh and Mangaltan, where two officers -- Major Attique and Captain Amir -- and four soldiers died and three were injured. A Taliban was killed in a clearance operation on a tip off in Sakhra, and three stolen vehicles and weapons were seized.

Security forces have consolidated their positions in Kabal, Akhun Kalle, Dadhrah, Khazna and Gardi. The local jirga met a military commander at Kuz Laikot near Kalam and agreed to provide information to the security forces and to set up a defence committee in the area. The troops arrested local Taliban commander Alamgir and his father in Gwalerai.
Posted by: Fred 2009-06-25