Karzai invites Talibs to vote
Inviting the Taliban and other opposition groups to participate in the country's second presidential polls, President Hamid Karzai Saturday said violence was not solution to problems.

Taliban should vote instead of talking of attacking the elections, Karzai told a news conference at his Presidential Palace. The incumbent president is one of the 41 candidates for the presidential elections scheduled to be held on August 20.

Taliban and other groups, holding arms so far, as well as other eligible Afghan voters should register themselves and participate in the landmark presidential elections. He said if Taliban wanted to serve the nation, it was the best way to stop violence and participate in the electoral process to rebuild the country.

"I appeal them to shun violence for ever," said the Afghan leader who is the favourite among the candidates as he stands for the second term in office of the president of Afghanistan.
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In recent months, there is visible increase in Taliban violence in the southern and southeastern zones while both military and non-military officials are worried about the spread of Taliban into the comparatively peaceful northern and western zones of the country. It is because of this spiraling violence that many observers believe the militants could disrupt the upcoming presidential elections by staging attacks in cities, including the central capital Kabul.
Posted by: Seafarious 2009-06-28