Afghan minister says drug strategy is 'perfect'
Afghanistan's counternarcotics minister says his country's drug policy is "perfect."
Err, I beg to differ until poppies are no longer pop-ular.
Gen. Khodaidad said Sunday that Afghanistan has achieved "a lot of success" with its anti-drug strategy — which relies heavily on manual eradication of opium poppy fields.
Now if you'd just get more than one guy to do it, that would be great.
The U.S. on Saturday announced it would no longer support efforts to eradicate poppy plants — branding such efforts as a "waste of money."

Khodaidad, who goes by one name, also said the Afghan government is waiting to see the new U.S. strategy and that officials would work with their American counterparts on it after they figure out how to milk it.

Still he says there is no "deficiency" in the Afghan strategy.
And any talk to the contrary is moooot.
Posted by: gorb 2009-06-28