Iran behaving ‘irresponsibly' in nuclear crisis: Russia
MOSCOW - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has launched one of his strongest attacks on Iran's conduct in the nuclear crisis, accusing it of behaving irresponsibly, in an interview released Monday. Medvedev reaffirmed in the interview with Danish television that Moscow could support further UN Security Council sanctions against Tehran if all other means were exhausted.

“As of yet Iran is not demonstrating the required restraint and is behaving quite irresponsibly. This, of course, is a sad fact,' he said in the interview transcript released by the Kremlin ahead of his visit to Denmark on Tuesday.

“Therefore, if this situation continues, we cannot rule anything out, including sanctions. Of course, sanctions are a bad thing because they rarely produce results. But when all other means have been exhausted, why not?'

Medvedev has repeatedly said Russia, a veto-wielding UN Security Council permanent member, does not rule out further sanctions against Tehran but they should not hurt the wider population. Medvedev's comments were its latest expression of impatience after Tehran failed to accept a UN-brokered nuclear fuel swap deal involving Russia aimed at defusing the standoff.

Speaking of his country's own external relations, Medvedev said Russia now offers “a smiling face' to the international community but “we must see smiles in response.'

Promoting a new image for Russia abroad, he said: “We must not bare our teeth at anyone, get angry, sulk, or feel offended, pushed into things or into a corner, and react accordingly.'
Then he walked away from the podium and winked at Vlad, who nodded approval ...
Posted by: Steve White 2010-04-27