Dronezaps All Over the Place in North Wazoo
The US executed yet another Predator strike in Pakistan's lawless tribal agency of North Waziristan today. The strike is the second today and the 11th this month.
What is responsible for the big increase? Something's going on, either there or in DC.
"A US drone fired two missiles on a vehicle carrying militants (in the village of Qutabkhel) outside Miramshah," a senior Pakistan security official told AFP. "At least four militants were killed in the attack."

Earlier today, US Predators fired three missiles at a compund in the village of of Bushnarai in the Shawal area of North Waziristan. Eleven terrorists, including several "foreigners," a term reserved for al Qaeda operatives, were killed in the attack.
Supposedly no significant figures were zapped. Also notable - no wounded reported, just killed.
Posted by: Glenmore 2010-09-14