Trump says Obama has turned US into global 'laughing stock'
Maybe if he wants to know who is living inside Obamas head he should read this article first.
BILLIONAIRE business celebrity Donald Trump, who is flirting with a White House run, has lamented that the United States has become a "laughing stock'' too timid to wield its power assertively on the world stage.

He also says President Obama is the weakest US president in history.

"We have such power if we knew how to use it,'' Trump told CNN television in an interview.

He said that by failing to move more decisively in its foreign policy, "this country is a laughing stock throughout the world''.

Trump, 64, has not yet announced that he is running for president, but he has become more visible in recent weeks, giving more interviews and stepping us his criticism of President Barack Obama ahead of a possible 2012 challenge.

The wise-cracking, straight-talking real-estate magnate, an early frontrunner among possible Republican presidential contenders, renewed his criticism of Obama as an "ineffective'' leader. He offered the US role in military action against Libya's Muammar Gaddafi as proof of America's new impotence.

"Look at Libya. Look at this mess,'' an exasperated Trump said. "We go in, we don't go in, he shouldn't be removed, we don't want to remove him, we don't want to touch him, but he should be removed. Nobody knows what they're doing on Gaddafi.

"I'd do one thing. Either I'd go in and take the oil or I don't go in at all,'' he said. "In the old days, when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours.''

The billionaire mogul was equally incensed over US policy toward Beijing.

"If you look at what China is doing, they're stealing our jobs, they're taking our money. They're then loaning our money back. It's amazing,'' Trump said.

"They're making all of our products,'' he said. "They are also manipulating the currency that makes it almost impossible for our companies to compete with China.''
Posted by: tipper 2011-04-18