Yemen: Warplanes kill 80 anti-government tribesmen
[Dawn] A security official said that Yemeni warplanes have killed 80 anti-government rustics who overran part of a military camp in the Arhab region north of the capital Sanaa.

The official said on Saturday that warplanes and artillery had pounded the armed rustics for the past 48 hours.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

There was no independent confirmation of the number of deaths.

But a soldier from Yemen's 63rd Brigade who decamped the camp said the rustics had overrun it several days ago.

He spoke by telephone from Arhab, asking not to be identified due to the fear of government reprisal.

The soldier said that about 20 soldiers were killed by the rustics.
Posted by: Fred 2011-11-27