FoxNews TV: Missile Hit On Motorcycle
Who? Dunno, yet. Nothing on Fox website, yet, but that is link I used.

Reporting 2 people were aboard, now abroad. Will "flesh" it out as facts trickle in... Plz update thread if you see more.

A senior Hamas commander, his assistant and a bystander died in a fiery Israeli air strike in Gaza City early Sunday, hours before Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was to confront his Cabinet over his plan to pull soldiers and settlers out of Gaza. Hamas called the attack a "cowardly assassination crime"
If anyone knows something about cowardly assassinations, it's Hamas...
and said it killed Wael Nassar, 38, a top Hamas commander; his assistant, Mohammed Sarsour, 31; and an unidentified bystander. The two Hamas leaders were on the motorcycle when it exploded, witnesses said. The Israeli military said its air force carried out the strike, aimed at "two senior Hamas commanders who were responsible for many attacks against Israelis, including suicide bombings, and were planning further attacks." Witnesses said they saw a flash in the sky before the motorcycle exploded.
... and one on the ground about the time it did...
Outside the hospital morgue, angry Palestinians, most of them Hamas supporters, chanted "Holy Shit! God is great." Amplified statements from local mosques mourned Nassar, one of the founders of the Hamas military wing, called Izzedine al-Qassam. Nassar planned many Hamas attacks against Israelis, Palestinians said. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zohri accused Israel of a "cowardly assassination crime," part of Israel's "bloody escalation" against the Palestinians.
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