US Drone Kills 10 in Pakistan
Ten suspected gun-hung tough guys were killed in a US drone strike in a house close to the Afghan border on Saturday, Pak officials told media.

The incident happened in the Dra Nishtar area of North Wazoo early today, when the US drone fired several missiles at a house, Pak intelligence said.

This was the second US drone strike since parliament in March approved new guidelines on relations with the United States, which included a call for an end to drone attacks on Pak territory.
That's nice. Someone will look into it soon.
"Yes Mr. Panetta?"
"We need to look into these drone-zaps in Pak-land!"
"Yes sir. I have a brand-new intern available."
"That'll do. See to it. Make sure he takes his time."
"Yes Mr. Secretary."
The Pak officials did not give their names because they were not authorized to be named in the media.

North Waziristan is considered a haven for bad turbans. It is also believed to be a key command and control center for gun-hung tough guys fighting American troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Pakistain raised the issue with Marc Grossman, the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistain, when he visited Islamabad last month amid efforts to mend fractured relations.

At least 93 people have reportedly been killed in such strikes in 2012, officials said.
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