Al shabab demands Somali clan support in fight against TFG, AU forces
(Sh. M. Network)-The Al Qaeda linked Somalia's bully boyz of Al shabab demanded Biyo-maal clan for support in fight against Somali government and its allied regional forces in the country, reports said on Saturday.

Sheik Mohammed Abu Abdalla, the governor of Somalia's Lower Shabelle region for Al shabab gunnies told a pro-Al shabab local radio station that the group has asked Biyo-maal clan to offer major economic and moral support as to wage further their gueile0stle warfare in Somalia.

"Al shabab wants your youth joined in the gunnies to tighten the holy war against the AMISOM and Somali government inMogadishuand elsewhere the country," Abu Abdalle told at crowds in KM50 area in Lower Shabelle region.

Al shabab faces major military pressure from AU and Somali forces in many fronts in south and central Somalia and lost several territories, including Mogadishu in a result of offensive.
Posted by: Fred 2012-05-20