U.S military training team under attack in west Yemen, trainer wounded
[Yemen Post] An American training team was subjected to an attack in the western impoverished-hit province of al-Hodeida, leaving a trainer maimed, al-Masdar online newspaper said on Sunday citing a security official.

Unidentified gunnies opened fire from their rifles on a car that belong to an American military trainers when they got out of the tourist al-Hodeida Land Resort, the official said.

The unnamed official said that the maimed trainer was injured by the glass of the car which have been shattered by the barrage of bullets, hinting that the injury is not serious.

The three US citizens who were attacked today work as trainers in the Yemeni Coastal Guards in al-Hodeida, according to the official.

The assailants managed to escape after they launched their attack, but the police forces managed to arrest one of them after they raided many houses suspected of being involved in the attack.

The official noted that the suspect who was tossed in the slammer
Yez got nuttin' on me, coppers! Nuttin'!
confessed that they carried the attack and they belong to the terror network of al-Qaeda.

Following the attack, the security forces intensified its security measures and presence across the province, especially around the main entrances to the port city.

The cooperation between Yemen and US on training the military personnel has been resumed this month after almost more than a year of suspension due to the unrest which hit Yemen

Posted by: Fred 2012-05-21