Sinai Imam Calls On Egyptians To Support Border Attack
[Ma'an] A holy man at a mosque in central Sinai called on Friday for Egyptians to support the perpetrators of an attack on the Egyptian border last week which killed 16 Egyptian security forces, witnesses said.

Describing the gunnies as 'mujahidin' or holy warriors, the imam sparked a walk-out by worshipers at the mosque near central Sinai village Wadi al-Amro.

Locals who attended told Ma'an they had refused to take part in the remainder of Friday prayers and left the mosque to protest the imam's hardline position.

Gunmen stormed an Egyptian border post in northern Sinai last Sunday, leaving 16 border guards dead and sparking a week of Egyptian military operations on the Sinai peninsula, killing up to 20 people.

Five people locked away
Don't shoot, coppers! I'm comin' out!
in Sinai on Friday have been charged with leading "Jihadist" groups and smuggling weapons between Egypt and the Gazoo Strip.

Egyptian officials suggested initially that Paleostinian gunnies were involved in the Sinai attack. No one has grabbed credit, and Gazoo-based factions have vocally condemned the assault.
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