Bomb Kills District Governor in Laghman
The governor of Laghman's Alisheing district was killed along with his three bodyguards in a kaboom on Sunday, a local official said.

The incident happened about noon local time in Alisheing, when district governor Faridullah Neyazi's vehicle hit a roadside kaboom, provincial front man Sarhadi Zwak said.

"The district governor was driving to a meeting when his Toyota Corolla was blown up in the road," he said.

Mr Zwak said he believed the district governor was the direct target of 'enemies.' He did not provide any extra details about who those enemies might be.

No group including the Taliban has grabbed credit for the attack.

Alisheing district borders Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan, and cut-throats there frequently attack local police checkpoints.
Posted by: trailing wife 2012-08-13