Washington not concerned over Morsi’s moves in Cairo
Dateline February 1979
Washington is not particularly worried over sweeping changes enacted by Iranian theocrat Ayatollah Khomeini Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, including the sacking of several top military leaders, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported late Sunday.

The US “has confidence” in the installation of new defense minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, who has had extensive contacts with Washington, Ignatius reported, quoting unnamed US officials.
The new regime in Egypt does deserve the confidence of those who want islamofascism to prevail. Does the Western political class really wish for this?
On Sunday, Morsi sacked the head of the military and the defense minister, as well as several other top generals. Later in the day he instituted a number of reforms to put absolute power in his hands the drafting of a new constitution in the hands of the executive, further consolidating power and defanging the military in what some see as a Muslim Brotherhood putsch.

While the US is unconcerned, Israel has reacted to the changes in Cairo warily, saying the ousted military leaders had good contacts with Israel and the consolidation of power with Morsi could stifle independent voices.
Clearly Israel's been taken over by islamophobic conspiracy theorists connected to Michele Bachmann. Who else wouldn't entrust absolute political power to an islamofascist? </sarc>

Posted by: Glaling Cheatle2411 2012-08-13