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A Charleroi man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly stealing a bag of hemp that had been seized as evidence from the Charleroi Regional police department.
Stealing Mary Jane from cops? Dumb dumb-dumb dumb/Dumb dumb-dumb dumb DUMB!
David Allan Thompson, 27, of 426 Fallowfield Ave., reportedly stopped at the cop shop at 338 Fallowfield Ave. about 8 p.m.

Officer David Kimball, who had been working on reports from other incidents that day, took Thompson to a room to speak with him. Kimball left the room to retrieve his Handy, as the Germans say, telling Thompson he would be right back, according to the affidavit by police filed with District Judge Jay Weller. Kimball went to the patrol room to get his phone, noticing Thompson had followed him into that room.

Thompson was escorted out of the patrol room and back into the original room by Kimball. After Thompson finished talking with the officer, he left the station.
"Fine, you're done, and there's nothing in my pocke-YEOW! Bhy liphs!"
Kimball, according to the complaint, returned to the patrol room to finish the report and log evidence, including the cannabis, which he noticed was gone. After checking to see if another officer had bagged it, Kimball searched the desk.
"I could have sworn I left it right--wait a minute. That guy followed me..."
Kimball told the other officer what happened, and the two went to look for Thompson. Five minutes later, Kimball spotted Thompson walking past the police station and asked him “What did you do with the weed?” Thompson held out his left hand and placed the bag in the officer’s hand, according to the affidavit. Police arrested him and said they also found a suspected marijuana pipe in his pants pocket.

Police said that back inside the station, Thompson apologized repeatedly to police, telling them, “I just couldn’t help myself. That bud smelled so good.”
Either someone's sniffer is off or the fire changes the smell; I was bringing shopping carts into the store once, and I thought there was a roadkill skunk in the parking lot. A coworker told me no, someone was toking.
He reportedly told police that he initially stopped by to help them out and couldn’t believe he was in trouble for “taking a little bit of weed.” The affidavit didn’t specify what help Thompson intended to provide Officer Friendly.

Thompson was arraigned before Weller on charges of making off with what ain't his, receiving stolen property, tampering with or fabricating evidence, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released on his own recognizance. A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 23 before District Judge Larry Hopkins.
Posted by: Korora 2012-08-18