France Scraps Citizenship Test, Job Requirement
[An Nahar] La Belle France is to scrap plans to make would-be citizens pass a test on the country's history and culture before being naturalized, Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Thursday.

Valls also said that a requirement for new citizens to have permanent jobs before they are given a passport would be lifted, but a relatively tough requirement in terms of proficiency in French is being maintained.

"You don't become French by answering multiple choice questions and I reject the idea that only those with permanent employment contracts can become French," Valls said.

The Interior Minister is himself a naturalized French citizen of Spanish origin.

The citizenship test had been due to be introduced on July 1, 2012 under legislation adopted under the previous government designed to address concerns over the perceived failure of some immigrants to adapt to the French way of life.

But following the return of Valls' Socialists to government in June, the measure has not been applied.
Posted by: Fred 2012-10-19