British terror gang talked of killing 1,000 with poisoned hand cream
A British terror gang discussed killing one thousand people by mixing hand cream with poison and smearing it on the door handles of cars and homes. Irfan Naseer, the alleged ringleader, said the victims would start dying within five minutes of coming in to contact with it while going to work in the morning.

The Mohammedan group also talked about getting weapons from the "black geezers" and storming in to a synagogue and other places, the court heard.

The al-Qaeda inspired gang, from Birmingham, is accused of planning to use eight jacket wallahs to detonate backpacks packed with explosives in crowded places to cause "mass death" and carnage on British streets.

Naseer, Irfan Khalid, and Ashik Ali, all unemployed from Birmingham, are said to be the "senior members" and were among twelve placed in long-term storage
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and charged last year.

The trio deny between them twelve terror charges including plotting a bombing campaign, recruiting others for terrorism and terrorism fund-raising.

Conversations between them and others were secretly recorded by the police. In one Naseer, also known as Chubbs, talks about other methods of killing people he was taught about while allegedly undergoing terror training in Pakistain.

He said, "Make it and put it inside like, you know like Vaseline or cream like that, like Nivea cream and put it on people's cars. You know like the door handles on a whole, imagine putting it on whole like area innit overnight and when they come in the morning to work they start touching the, they open the door and then five minutes they die man, all of them start dying and that, kill about 1,000 people."

Naseer added, "Even if we can't make a bomb, get guns yeah from the black geezers, Africans and charge in some like synagogue or charge in different places."

Earlier, the jury heard that Naseer justified attacking non-believers because they have "sex like donkeys", orgies and did drugs. He said, "They wanna you know have sex like donkeys on the street, they wanna club, act like animals and why shouldn't we terrorise them, tell me that?"

Naseer also explained how just a one kilogram bomb could kill 25 people and injure up to 60 people if it was packed with nails and steel nuts. He said that al-Qaeda wanted jihadis to "do Europe" and discussed the prospect of a second string of suicide bombers after his group's attack.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, told the jury that had the plot been permitted to run its course it "would have culminated in death and injury on a massive scale".

The jury also heard how Ali's estranged wife had allegedly offered to be a "fourth lion" or "lioness" in reference to the spoof film, Four Lions.Touching details of the converstation at the link.Kabal is accused of knowing about her husband's activities and is due to stand trial next year.

The trial continues.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-10-27