Syria's SNC Urges Rebels be Held to Account after Executions
[An Nahar] The main opposition Syrian National Council on Friday urged rebels be held accountable after a video purported to show opposition fighters executing Syrian soldiers.

"We urge the (rebel) Free Syrian Army and the revolutionary movement on the ground to hold to account anyone who violates human rights
...which are often intentionally defined so widely as to be meaningless...
," SNC human rights committee head Radif Mustafa told Agence La Belle France Presse by telephone.

The SNC's call came after a video posted on YouTube appeared to show about 10 soldiers being beaten, then lined up on the ground and executed with automatic rifles, after Thursday's rebel attacks on checkpoints in the northwestern town of Saraqeb.

"Though the rebel gangs' violations are not as serious or numerous as those committed by the regime (of Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Leveler of Latakia...
), we cannot be silent over such violations because that would only help them to increase," Mustafa said.

"The FSA and other gangs need to respect human rights."

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-03