Davisburg trucker turned away in NYC after hauling power transformers
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it seems to be pretty clear that residents of New York City and the surrounding areas could use all the help they can get.

However, a Davisburg man said some people in the area are more interested in "protecting their turf" than in distributing those supplies to the masses.

Mike James, an independent trucker, said he and three other truckers were told to haul a load of transformers to the city to replace equipment anticipated to be lost in the storm.

James, two men from Holly and a Flint man arrived in the city Tuesday night and slept in their trucks before attempting to deliver the 144 transformers to emergency workers.

When they arrived Wednesday, they were turned away by Con Edison employees because they were not union workers.

"These transformers here, I don't know how many lines they would power or how many homes they would power, but just the fact that they were supposed to be going to help people, and these union guys care more about protecting their turf -- I got a very sour taste in my mouth about New York City people," James said.

The transformers weren't the only help to be turned away.

"Utility crews came up from Alabama," James said.

"They called them scabs and sent them home. They said those people from Alabama were taking food out of their families' mouths."
Posted by: Au Auric 2012-11-04