Israel Cannot Vanquish Gaza: Hamas Chief Meshaal
[An Nahar] Israel will never defeat Gazoo, Khaled Meshaal, the exiled chief of the Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, movement which rules the Paleostinian territory, said in a defiant speech in Sudan on Thursday.

"This enemy is weak and cannot vanquish Gazoo," Meshaal told a major conference of Sudanese Islamists.

His visit to Sudan came as warplanes from the Jewish state pounded Gazoo for a second day on Thursday, in Israel's toughest assault on the territory in four years.

The latest fighting began with Israel's assassination of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jaabari on Wednesday. Since then, faceless myrmidons have fired around 250 rockets over the border, an Israeli official said.

"I call on my brothers who have their fingers on the trigger to run the battle wisely and with a brave heart. The war against the enemy will go on even after Jaabari departed us. Women and men are queuing for jihad and martyrdom," Meshaal said in a half-hour speech which described Israel as "not a legitimate entity."

He also pledged to stand by Sudan which last month accused Israel of bombing a military factory.

"I want to say to the Sudanese: our enemy is your enemy and our enemy is fighting you on Sudanese land, in Port Sudan and in Yarmouk," Meshaal said. "Our hands are with yours."
Posted by: Fred 2012-11-16