Hamas demands: End of siege and targeted killings
The lifting of the Gaza blockade and international community guarantees for the cessation of targeted killings – these are the conditions Hamas has put forward in exchange for halting its rocket fire at Israel, the Islamic Jihad-affiliated Palestine al-Youm website reported Saturday.

According to the report, the terms were presented at a meeting held in Cairo between Hamas representatives headed by politburo chief Khaled Mashaal and Egyptian officials headed by intelligence chief Raafat Shehata.

Sources told the website that the Hamas delegation had demanded the lifting of the Gaza blockade, the full opening of Gaza crossings and a cessation of targeted killings in exchange for halting rocket fire. Hamas, in was reported, asked Egypt to open the Rafah border for the passage of people and goods.

Meanwhile, Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nunu held a press conference in the government compound that was bombed Friday night. "The Arab nation stands by our people," he said. "The Palestinian people do not face Israel alone. This has angered the occupation and led it to cause this destruction."

Al-Nunu noted that his organization will continue to host senior Arab officials such as the Egyptian prime minister and the Tunisian foreign minister anywhere in the Strip and that the Gaza factions will emerge victorious while Israel will have failed to meet its goals.

Hamas envoy in Lebanon Ali Barakeh said that the group is not worried about the reserves call-up which may lead to a ground offensive in Gaza.

"There are more than 50,000 Palestinian Jihad warriors who are willing to fight against any ground offensive in Gaza. Gaza will be a cemetery for invaders. In addition to the warriors, there are 5,000 martyrs waiting for the IDF soldiers to blow themselves up."

Posted by: tipper 2012-11-17