Motorcycle bomb kills one, wounds 33 in southern Thailand
A motorcycle bomb attack in Yala province killed a woman and wounded 33 other people yesterday morning. The blast, which appeared to target a passing military patrol, occured in front of a store on Siroros Road.

Security forces rushed to the scene, where they found dozens injured and a commercial building on fire. It took emergency workers over an hour to contain the blaze. The wounded were carried out and taken to nearby hospitals.

About twenty meters from the burning building was the wrecked military pickup truck which had been carrying the army patrol. On its hood was a motorcycle with the body of a woman on top of it. Police believe the woman was hit and killed by the truck, which had been thrown across the street by the force of the blast.

The twisted frame of another motorcycle was also found across the street. Police think that is the wreckage of the vehicle used in the attack. It had been learned that the motorcycle was reported stolen two months ago.

Investigators said the bomb went off as the patroling pickup truck was passing by. Five soldiers in the truck were injured, with two in critical condition. 28 civilians were also hurt, and five commercial buildings and several cars were damaged.

Police said a suspect in the bombing was captured by a nearby closed-circuit TV camera, and are reviewing the footage to track the suspect down.

Pornsak Leelakriengsak, who runs an automotive parts shop that was damaged in the explosion, said he wanted the government to compensate him for the damage as quickly as possible. He said, "I was almost killed. As soon as the bomb exploded, I ran out of the house through the back door."

Meanwhile, a defense volunteer was gunned down and another wounded in Pattani province at about 5:45 p.m. yesterday. Investigators said the two were shot by a group of about six men riding in a pickup truck. The pair had been sitting in front of a gas station in Kapho district when the men opened fire at them.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-18